Now is the perfect moment to explore NFTs and dip your toes into the Web3 experience, and we have the tools to make your exploration simple. What’s that we hear you say? Crypto? NFTs? Fire and flames? 

Exactly, and we like it hot. While mainstream media prophets of doom continue to prognosticate and peddle disaster, we’re looking at what’s happening in the crypto market as an integral part of iterative development cycles. According to Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm, a16z, we’re currently in the midst of a ‘price innovation cycle’ right now, in which a downturn plays the important role of resetting the entry barrier for other innovators to create and contribute new ideas that then drive interest and prices. 

And that, dear freshly intrigued readers, is exactly what we’ve been up to at Refinable. You see, we firmly believe that access facilitates innovation, and new ideas create value. What exactly have we been “refining,” you ask? We believe spending the effort and time is more than worth it, which is why we’ve been busy working on the Refinable Creator Suite.

The only NFT toolkit you’ll ever need

As we’ve already established, access facilitates innovation, and innovation drives value. The Refinable Creator Suite is our answer to the barriers we’ve seen that discourage Web2 creators and other creatives at large from crafting their own NFT experiences, time and time again. From having to find, integrate and pay for separate functions, to battling dizzying lines of code and worrying about how to set up your virtual storefront, we know there are plenty of barriers. As a no-code solution with zero upfront costs, Creator Suite aims to change that. 

Create NFT collection contracts in minutes

Gone are the long hours spent trying to figure out how to create your NFT contracts or what that even means. Creator Suite simplifies the ability to create NFT collection contracts so that you can focus on what matters to you: creating. So how does it work? All you have to do is provide your artwork. We do the coding for you to create the contracts you’ll need to mint your very own collection and set up your very own marketplace.

Create or import your collection in the Refinable marketplace

If you already have a contract created but haven’t yet sorted your distribution channel, look no further. Creator Suite makes importing your contracts into the Refinable marketplace easy. A click here, a click there, and you’re in. 

Manage royalty splits

More decision-making ownership and freedom to structure how you retrieve value from your store and NFTs is a key part of the Creator Suite. Covering your bills is great, but taking revenue you can save and add to your liquidity is even better.

Custom branded storefronts

Branding is an important part of the modern consumer experience. People engage with experiences and invest in stories. Trawl through your average crypto or NFT marketplace and a lot of collections start to blend into each other without the clear definition that an owned brand and storefront provide. Creator Suite gives you options to customize your store’s experience so you can own your liquidity and build your brand equity.

Customize storefront fees and monetize trades

Distinct from Refinable’s marketplace, having a storefront practically enables you to create your own marketplace. Through Creator Suite, you have the option to customize how you structure transactions and fees that take place in your store, enabling you to clip value from all trading activity happening within your storefront. Unlike other platforms, Refinable doesn’t take any fees from your store’s trade transactions.

Actions speak louder than words. Don’t just read about it, try it out yourself and create your unique NFT collection here:

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On-ramps, off-ramps and long winding asphalt roads… What do cryptocurrency and the Rascal Flatts’ hit single, “Life Is a Highway,” popularized by the Disney Pixar movie, Cars have in common? We delve into the conspiracy behind the 90s and early 00s US pop-country band’s attempt to take the NFT market by storm. 

Just kidding.

Jokes aside, the primary commonality between the Flatts and crypto is the central metaphor both use about access, freedom and connection — 3 themes that are essential tenets in the Web3 evolution of the digital experience. But how does any of this matter to the NFT storefront I’m looking to open, you ask? Let’s explore.

Creating an access driven ecosystem

The purpose of a highway is to create freedom of access and connection at scale. A key feature that enables access and connection in a highway is a system of off and on-ramps. In ideal execution, a highway is an access driven ecosystem that’s both easy to enter and exit for a large volume of users. 

As adoption of crypto and NFTs continues to grow creating better, more seamless access will be critically important to scaling the Web3 economy. Integral to achieving this are fiat and crypto on and off-ramps. 

On-ramps for better access and ease of transaction

At its base, an on-ramp in cryptocurrency performs the same function as one in the real world by acting as an entry point. But where one services cars, the other services the exchange of currency, specifically fiat (any government-backed currency, like the US Dollar) to crypto. Now, as much as we probably fall on the hardcore fanatacism end of the crypto spectrum, we’re just like you: accustomed to transacting our everyday payments in our own respective fiat. It is, after all, what the vast majority of people have on hand, which makes it the easiest way for people to access cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Because fiat on-ramps create ease of transaction for users they are also important to crypto business and apps. Fiat on-ramps make onboarding a user into a brand experience, service or product easier and also enable businesses to monetize their user base. 

Next exit on your right

Now, unless you’ve yet to attend grade school, you’re probably fairly familiar with on and off, and enter and exit as concepts. It probably isn’t the greatest surprise to you then that the complementary service to a fiat on-ramp, is a crypto-fiat off-ramp. Where an on-ramp facilitates the exchange of fiat into cryptocurrency, an off-ramp performs the equally important function of converting crypto back into fiat. Why is this important? Together, on-ramps and off-ramps help to create a permeable membrane enabling easier entry and exit into the crypto-sphere, providing an important bridge between fiat-dominated finance and the cryptocurrency marketplace.

On-ramp to the Refinable highway

Congratulations, you’ve officially mastered crypto-highway 101 and are ready to cruise. But what are you cruising in? There are lots of great on and off-ramp services out there, each with their own features, fees and service terms. While we certainly see the growing profusion of choice and options as a big positive for the Web3 space, we get it – too many choices can feel a bit like being caught in the rinse cycle of a high speed washing machine. As a platform whose mission it is to bridge Web2 and 3 by empowering creators and brands to storytell through NFTs, we’ve done plenty of leg work on our own time to find a partner we believe in and trust: Moonpay.

Moonpay is one of the best and most prominent on and off-ramp service providers in operation today. With a mission that’s driven entirely around simplicity, access and ease-of-use, the user experience they offer is second to none for both individuals and businesses. Currently, our partnership with Moonpay extends to any projects with us in the primary sales phase, but, true to our name, we’re always refining our experience and will be expanding this service in the near future.

Whether it’s your very own storefront or NFT experience idea, a potent on and off-ramp feature will be pivotal to building retail gravity. Hit us up at and let’s talk NFTs, ramps and how we can help you cruise the cryptomarket highway.

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Ready to Launch in Q3

We are excited to share our Q3 Roadmap Updates! Q2 has been a building phase for the team and strengthening our products during the bear market. To learn more about our achievements in Q2, check out our recap here.

To give users the best experience on Web3 e-commerce, Refinable is committed to creating accessible tools that will support the minting and trading of NFTs. While we have already launched several features, we’re dead set on making your NFT experience FINE-er! 😉

Here’s a list of updates we plan to launch in 2022 Q3!

Welcome to the Refinable Creator Suite ✨ 

Refinable is creating a set of powerful tools to support Web3 e-commerce. The Refinable Creator Suite will offer a toolbox of code-free features for brands and creators to build NFT collections with ease and customizable functionalities. This upcoming feature will include minting tools, branded storefronts, express checkout, and a creator’s marketplace.

We are still in R&D – but we want to build with the community’s needs in mind. For the next few months, we will be collecting feedback from the community to build the most comprehensive Web3 e-commerce tools to date!

It’s not too late to sign up for our exclusive testing session and have your voice heard! 👉

Express Checkouts for Storefronts 💳

We’re super excited about this one! We have been working with brands to launch their NFT collections for the past six months. One of the constant pain points for brands is adopting a convenient checkout process. We understand that not everyone has a crypto wallet. Thus, the origin of express checkouts!

Express checkouts is a one-stop integration for storefronts and custom-built marketplaces. Now with express checkouts, users can set and modify custom branding, splits, limits, items, and more. To make the jump to crypto a bit less daunting, express checkouts will bring fiat and credit card payment options to purchasing an NFT (or many). You’ve read that right – in integrating more payment options beyond the blockchain, we want to give more opportunities for people to explore what crypto is capable of. 

Shh… More Exciting Storefront Features! 🤫

We’re in the middle of developing more features for Refinable Storefronts users. 

In the near future, Refinable Creator Suite users will have access to tools such as built-in whitelisting, supporting airdrops, and more. BUT! We don’t want to spoil too much. Until then, please follow our social channels and our Discord for more announcements on this later! 

For more info, don’t forget to check out our development roadmap (and progress so far) here ➡️

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