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  • Refinable 1-Year Anniversary Reflections

    First Anniversary Milestone! Grab some confetti, snacks, and a drink if you so choose. May 16th, 2022 marks Refinable’s first one year anniversary!  It’s been one heck of a year. We’re lucky to have this much community support to hold all of us together, strong and resilient, throughout these turbulent times. As crypto and the […]
  • Refinable 101: Create a Collection

    Why Should You Create a NFT Collection Have some NFTs that you want to categorize? Working on a new NFT project with tons of editions? Need a multi-purpose solution for organizing your NFTs? Collections are a great solution to sort your NFTs and increase marketplace exposure on Refinable Storefronts.  The NFT collections that you make on […]
  • What’s New at Refinable: Q2 Updates and More

    After several successful launches of new features like Refinable Storefronts, Metaverse gallery, and Solana integration in Q1, we are excited to share what our team is currently working on to elevate your user experience on Refinable. In response to what’s been buzzing around in crypto, we’ve decided to frame our latest platform features and integrations in […]
  • Refinable in Review: Q1 Recap!

    For 2022, we promised ourselves that we would be ambitious this year in delivering what we can to make your NFT minting and trading experience a $FINE(R) one! Jokes aside, the team at Refinable is very grateful for the immense hype and support you guys have given us. It’s been an exciting start to this year […]
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