Refinable 101: Create a Collection

Check out our latest feature! Now anyone can create an NFT collection on Refinable Storefronts in three easy steps.

Why Should You Create a NFT Collection

Have some NFTs that you want to categorize? Working on a new NFT project with tons of editions? Need a multi-purpose solution for organizing your NFTs? Collections are a great solution to sort your NFTs and increase marketplace exposure on Refinable Storefronts

The NFT collections that you make on Refinable are also linked to your custom marketplace – the possibilities of showing off what you own and collect are endless!

Getting your collection up and running on your custom marketplace on Refinable takes only a few steps.

Step 1: Create Your Custom Marketplace

Head on over to:

In order to create a collection on Refinable, start by creating a Marketplace on Refinable Storefronts and logging in with your preferred crypto wallet on

You’ll be taken to the following landing page. Click “Continue” to proceed.

Step 2: Describe Your Marketplace

After clicking continue, you’ll be prompted to fill in a few boxes to describe your marketplace. 

Over here, you’ll be asked to fill in the following:

– Marketplace Name
– Store Description
– Logo (Recommended 500 * 500 px)
– Favicon (Recommended 16 * 16 px)
– Banner (Recommended 2545 * 345 px)
– Direct URL (ending with
– Your Contact Email

And yes, it’s all mandatory! In case you’re wondering, it’ll help out with SEO and getting discovered when people are browsing through google search.

Step 3: Import Or Create A Collection

The magic of the blockchain means that if you already minted NFTs on one of our supported blockchain networks, you can import them to create a collection on Refinable Storefronts.

However, if you’re starting from scratch, select “Create new collection” from the tabs in the prompt, and fill in all the fields necessary. 

Step 4: Define Your Theme

We’re at the last stretch for creating your NFT collection! 

Themes on Refinable Storefronts are reliant on picking two colors: a primary color and a background color. Clicking on the tab under each heading will open up a color picker. 

Once you’ve picked out your colors, go ahead and click “Create Store”! 

Congratulations, you’ve just created your first collection and storefront! As collections are an integral part of the Refinable experience, collections are not only just available to view in linear web page format, but also via Refinable’s Metaverse Galleries. 

The amount of collections that you can make on Refinable are unlimited – go ahead and flex your curation muscles. Don’t forget to tag us when showcasing your Refinable Storefronts on social media. We periodically feature cool marketplaces on our main channel!

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