Storefronts 101: How to Set Custom Fees

Custom fees are now available to all Refinable Storefront owners! Own your royalty fees with ease. Learn how to below.

Earn More with Custom Fees

Since the launch of Refinable Storefronts, we are constantly improving our product and upgrading features for our storefront users. With this new integration of custom fees, creators can now earn commission on successful sales and set their royalty fee structure with ease.

Currently, the maximum amount for custom fees is 10%. However, fees are only charged to buyers and not sellers. On top of that, by using Refinable Storefronts, the platform has no extra charge so you can keep what you earn! If you haven’t set any custom fees, the default percentage is set at zero.

To know more about creating your storefront, check our step-by-step tutorial here. Now that you have created your storefront, learn how to set custom fees step by step. Keep reading below!

Step 1: Access Your Storefront

The first step starts with accessing your storefront. Connect with the same wallet that you used to create your storefront. After, click the profile icon on the top-right corner to access the list of options.

Click on “Edit Store” and it will take you to the Admin Panel.

Step 2: Search For Your Admin Panel

Now that you have logged into your storefront account and clicked “edit store”, you are in the Admin Panel.

On the left-hand menu bar, you will see the option “Custom Fees”. Click on “Custom Fees” and it will take you to the dashboard for “Custom Fees”.

Step 3: Setting the Custom Fees

This is the last step! All you have to fill out are two sections: buyer fee and payout address.

The buyer fee is the fee that will be paid out by the buyer to the storefront owner. The seller is not charged any fees and Refinable does not take any fees from it as well. Please note that the maximum buyer fee is 10% and up to one decimal point (for example 2.5%).

The payout address is the wallet address that will receive the buyer fee every time there is a successful transaction in your storefront. Currently, we only support one wallet address.

Click “Save”, after you have filled in the buyer fee and payout address and it will give you a notification that your store has been updated. Congratulations! You have now completed setting up custom fees for your storefront.

Remember, you can come back at any time to change the buyer fee percentage and the payout address!

Start Earning Now!

Custom fees are available for ALL Refinable users, which means you don’t have to hold any $FINE to set your royalties! If you are interested in increasing your custom fee limit, please contact us and we can work on finding the best solution for you.

In case you forget, here’s a cheat sheet for setting up custom fees:

We appreciate your love and support through consistent engagement, and we will continue to give back to our community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and don’t forget to tag us when showcasing your Refinable Storefronts on social media. We periodically feature cool marketplaces on our main channel!

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