Refinable Partners with Ethermon to Empower Web3 Creators

Refinable x Ethermon

Refinable is excited to announce that we are entering a long-term partnership with Ethermon! 

Ethermon is amongst the earliest Ethereum-based NFT gaming projects, running on an ever-expanding ecosystem that’s not to be missed out on. Established in 2017, Ethermon continues to be a household name in NFT gaming via its innovative gameplay and active community. As their metaverse presence increases on Decentraland, Ethermon players will be able to experience Web3 gaming firsthand.

Through this partnership with Ethermon, both creators and artists will gain access and support from both communities, continually empowering both artists and creators and their digital IPs as they venture from Web2 to Web3 for the first time. 

“We are very excited to bring the Mons NFT Collection to our marketplace to showcase the diverse talent of digital artists who are leading engaging NFT games. We believe the Ethermon metaverse will continue to grow, but it starts with supporting the community every step of the way.”

Nick Chan, Co-Founder at Refinable

The Mons NFT Collection 

Ethermon gameplay revolves around Mons — a range of digital monster NFTs minted on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. As they are dynamic, users can increase their value by leveling up or upgrading them into rarer NFTs while playing the game and earning valuable in-game tokens. 

The first Mons NFTs were designed and minted in 2017. Now, there are over 300 Mons that can be played across a growing collection of game modes, ranging from a PvP battle game on to an entire MMO adventure and PvE battle experience in Decentraland. Each Mon benefits from the ever-increasing utility as the game’s core team and community create additional gameplay experiences, partner with more projects, and continue to improve the ecosystem. 

An Aligned Partnership

The partnership with Ethermon will enable the transition of creators from Web2 to Web3. With Ethermon supplying the content for NFTs and Refinable’s ecosystem offering an easy and accessible way of creating and trading limited digital goods (such as collectibles, game items, digital artwork, unique files, domains, event tickets, lottery tickets, and more) this collaboration will pave way for creators to explore NFT gaming to its maximum potential.

“Collaboration is the secret of Web3. We’re excited for our Mon artists to benefit from being featured in Refinable’s leading marketplace and be discovered by new fans while inspiring other creators to transition to the exciting world of NFT gaming.”

Ryan MacDowell, Chief Marketing Officer at Ethermon

The Refinable ecosystem includes a trusted retail NFT marketplace for limited and high-value digital goods where users can create and trade with confidence. Through this partnership, Refinable will promote the ownership of digital and licensed IP for creators to support their transition smoothly from Web2 to Web3 with their custom storefronts.

Moving forward, we aim to provide exciting new opportunities for our community to become more involved in the future of Refinable and Ethermon. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Ethermon and Refinable’s Mon Design Competition. You won’t want to miss out on anything from this partnership! 

About Ethermon 

Ethermon is an OG NFT game created in 2017. It operates on Ethereum and Polygon and involves more than 250 types of Mons designed by a decentralized network of artists and community members. Players compete to earn $EMON in PvP battles on and can play the game’s alpha version in Decentraland, where Ethermon owns and operates the largest game-focused district (668 LAND). Soon, Ethermon will release the game’s beta version and introduce 10,000 Legends, significantly expanding Ethermon’s ecosystem. 

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