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  • Artifact Labs Acquisition & Refinable’s Sunset

    Last week, we announced the acquisition by Artifact Labs. Today, we will follow up with the official plan to sunset Refinable’s NFT trading and creator platform.   Invested by SCMP, Artifact Labs is dedicated to preserving and connecting history on the blockchain and will be leveraging Refinable’s technology for the next phase of its development.  Effective […]
  • The One-Two Punch to boost your NFT Launch: Lazy Minting + Checkout

    If you’ve spent any amount of time on Pinterest, you’ve almost certainly tripped across the curvy calligraphy of the motivational quotes that seem to all hangout in that part of the internet. “Don’t wish for it, work for it,” one tells you. A favorite of ours? “Work smarter, not harder.” It’s this principle that continues […]
  • Refinable launches Creator Suite – Let’s make NFTs simple

    Now is the perfect moment to explore NFTs and dip your toes into the Web3 experience, and we have the tools to make your exploration simple. What’s that we hear you say? Crypto? NFTs? Fire and flames?  Exactly, and we like it hot. While mainstream media prophets of doom continue to prognosticate and peddle disaster, […]
  • Fiat on and off-ramps: What are they? And how do they matter for NFTs?

    On-ramps, off-ramps and long winding asphalt roads… What do cryptocurrency and the Rascal Flatts’ hit single, “Life Is a Highway,” popularized by the Disney Pixar movie, Cars have in common? We delve into the conspiracy behind the 90s and early 00s US pop-country band’s attempt to take the NFT market by storm.  Just kidding. Jokes […]
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