What’s New at Refinable: Q3 Roadmap Updates

Ready to Launch in Q3

We are excited to share our Q3 Roadmap Updates! Q2 has been a building phase for the team and strengthening our products during the bear market. To learn more about our achievements in Q2, check out our recap here.

To give users the best experience on Web3 e-commerce, Refinable is committed to creating accessible tools that will support the minting and trading of NFTs. While we have already launched several features, we’re dead set on making your NFT experience FINE-er!

Here’s a list of updates we plan to launch in 2022 Q3!

Welcome to the Refinable Creator Suite ✨ 

Refinable is creating a set of powerful tools to support Web3 e-commerce. The Refinable Creator Suite will offer a toolbox of code-free features for brands and creators to build NFT collections with ease and customizable functionalities. This upcoming feature will include minting tools, branded storefronts, express checkout, and a creator’s marketplace.

We are still in R&D – but we want to build with the community’s needs in mind. For the next few months, we will be collecting feedback from the community to build the most comprehensive Web3 e-commerce tools to date!

It’s not too late to sign up for our exclusive testing session and have your voice heard! https://airtable.com/shrGaMgyXtpU0Ha1w

Express Checkouts for Storefronts

We’re super excited about this one! We have been working with brands to launch their NFT collections for the past six months. One of the constant pain points for brands is adopting a convenient checkout process. We understand that not everyone has a crypto wallet. Thus, the origin of express checkouts!

Express checkouts is a one-stop integration for storefronts and custom-built marketplaces. Now with express checkouts, users can set and modify custom branding, splits, limits, items, and more. To make the jump to crypto a bit less daunting, express checkouts will bring fiat and credit card payment options to purchasing an NFT (or many). You’ve read that right – in integrating more payment options beyond the blockchain, we want to give more opportunities for people to explore what crypto is capable of. 

Shh… More Exciting Storefront Features!

We’re in the middle of developing more features for Refinable Storefronts users. 

In the near future, Refinable Creator Suite users will have access to tools such as built-in whitelisting, supporting airdrops, and more. BUT! We don’t want to spoil too much. Until then, please follow our social channels and our Discord for more announcements on this later! 

For more info, don’t forget to check out our development roadmap (and progress so far) here ➡️ https://docs.refinable.com/project/roadmap

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About Refinable

Refinable is a decentralized multi-chain NFT platform and marketplace designed for creating, trading, exploring, and leveraging NFTs. The project’s aim is to become the go-to platform that empowers individuals and communities to adopt and benefit from the experience of using NFTs through their low transaction fees and high efficiencies when it comes to creating and trading on the blockchain.